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About Us

Fisher Sweets is my business. It's my destiny. The idea for my first business came to me at the age of 10. Harvesting bugs and other crawly creatures from their hiding places, I sold them for 25 cents apiece. Business was good, and every quarter found its way to Templeton's store where it was quickly traded for candy. Hmmm... a job with benefits! At home, I was a taster for my Mom, the fudge maker! She would cook the fudge slow in a big pot. When it was just right, she would immerse the hot fudge pot in the sink filled with cold water for a quick cool-down before slipping the fudge into the fridge. She would make enough for all our family and friends. People always raved that it was the absolute best! I was too busy running my bug business and playing with my brothers to learn how to make the fudge, but I was Mom's best taster. It was part of my destiny... Into my teens, I would make my way to Aunt Jo's house on a Saturday before Christmas. That was the day she set aside to make peanut brittle. Aunt Jo's system was perfection and she taught me well. She had marble slabs all around the kitchen and 2 pots on the stove. The fire under the pots was turned up high and that sweet goo cooked for 5 hours. When it was just right, it would be poured out on the slabs. We'd cook a batch, pour it on the marble and start the next batch, cleaning the pot without allowing it to cool so it would be ready for cooking. We'd make enough for all our family and friends. Aunt Jo gave me two very important words of wisdom. She said, "Always taste the brittle to be sure it is good", and "Never give out the recipe". Aunt Jo grew up during the Great Depression and had a keen sense of the value of things. She must have known that the candy business was my destiny!

I have been making brittle, fudge, and cookies now for the past 25 years, giving them at Christmas or selling small quantities as special homemade gifts for others to give. I have fiddled with batch quantities, experimented with ingredients and textures. I have tried different nut varieties and special flavors to enhance my recipes and create a more tempting selection of sweets. Now that they're just right, it is time to make all these sweet delights available to you! My vision for Fisher Sweets is to create and share sweets that, when eaten, produce a sense of sheer satisfaction (and maybe a twinge of nostalgia). Good eating habits are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. I believe that candies should be made with only the best ingredients and utmost care in order to be worth the indulgence. It is important to reward yourself once in a while. Sometimes you need to satisfy your sweet tooth with just enough of something special.

It is my hope that you'll savor some of my fudge or brittle, and as it melts in your mouth, you'll consider all that went into fulfilling my destiny and dream of your own... ENJOY!

Sweetly Yours,
Deb Fisher


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